Sonia García Ruiz

Sonia García Ruiz

PhD Student/Research Assistant

GitHub: SoniaRuiz
ResearchGate: Sonia_Garcia_Ruiz


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Research Interests

RNA Splicing; Transcriptomics; Novel transcription; Web Development; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Software Development.


Sonia García Ruiz is a PhD student and software developer at UCL. She completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Miguel Hernández (Spain) in 2014. After that, she accumulated 2 years of experience as a software and web developer, working with clients such as Microsoft and Deloitte. Nevertheless, in 2017 she decided to return to university and completed her master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Murcia in 2018. In the Ryten lab, she is focused on finding the mechanisms underlying the alternative splicing in human cells, and how those different products may interfiere in the human health. Additionally, she uses her knowledge of web development to help build analysis and visualisation tools for easier data interpretation.